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    Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union’s mission statement is “Helping people realize their financial potential.” Every day, we aim to provide our members with the best rates, service and products possible. We accomplish this through constant training and new or improved services.

    2017 Board of Directors

    • Bob Doescher, Chairman (board member since 1995)
    • Connie Wepfer, Vice Chairwoman (board member since 1993)
    • Mark Leahy, Treasurer (board member since 1986)
    • David Schmid, Secretary (board member since 1988)
    • Ricardo Zamora (board member since August 2016)
    • Ray Morrison, Director (board member since 1977)
    • Brad Pulaski, Director (board member since 2015)
    • Dale Smith, Director (board member since 1993)
    • Carolyn Tochtrop, Director (board member since 1995)

    2017 Supervisory Committee

    • Robert Erbs
    • Randall Hargraves
    • Doug Simms

    Board Advisory Committee

    The Board Advisory Committee was developed to give young professionals in St. Louis a chance to make a difference and help grow the credit union. The committee consists of dynamic, young professionals ages 21-40 who live and work in the community. The committee works to communicate the needs of future members of the credit union to the board.


    The field of membership of this credit union shall be limited to those having the following common bonds:

    • Persons who live, work (or regularly conduct business in), worship or attend school in, and businesses and other legal entities located in the City of St. Louis, and St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson Counties in Missouri, and Madison, Monroe and St. Clair Counties in Illinois;
    • Members of record of this credit union as of Dec. 7, 2007, the effective date of its conversion to a federally chartered credit union;
    • Members of record of HNJ Catholic Credit Union, charter #67752, as a result of its merger with this credit union effective Dec. 1, 2009;
    • Members of record of St. Ferdinand Credit Union, charter #68012, as a result of its merger with this credit union effective Dec. 1, 2009
    • Members of record of Holy Infant Credit Union, charter #64210, as a result of its merger with this credit union effective Aug. 1, 2010
    • Spouses of persons who died while within the field or membership of this credit union; employees of this credit union; persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employment; volunteers; members of the immediate family or household; and organizations of such persons;

    Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union encourages family members to join. Family members (related by blood or marriage) are eligible to join, regardless of where they live. This includes spouses, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, grandparents, stepparents, stepchildren, stepsiblings and adoptive relationships.

    With just a $5 initial deposit into a savings account, you can become a member and enjoy the benefits offered by Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union. Visit any office, or complete an online application!


    Credit unions are locally owned and operated in the communities they serve. Every member owns a share of the credit union and therefore has an equal voice when it comes to matters pertaining to the organization. The board of directors are unpaid volunteers voted in by their fellow members, and they are also members of that specific credit union. Since credit unions don’t answer to any other shareholders, board members work to develop the organization, programs and policies in the best interest of members. Once a year on the third Tuesday in April, the credit union holds an annual meeting at its corporate office to review the prior year’s financial data and accomplishments. This meeting is open to all members of the credit union and free to attend.


    In 1935, a group of Southwestern Bell employees formed St. Louis Headquarters Telephone Credit Union, serving people who worked at 1010 Pine Street in St. Louis. To better represent those we served – and as a tribute to the Gateway Arch – we changed our name to Gateway Telco Credit Union in 1977 and in 1994, we once again changed our name to Gateway Metro Credit Union. In 2007, we changed our name to Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union once our federal charter was approved.

    Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union is your gateway to financial security and freedom, backed by a proud tradition of people helping people.



    Gateway Metro Federal Credit Union is committed to provide you with products and services to meet your financial needs, and we are just as committed to protecting our members’ privacy. Please download our privacy policy to learn how we collect, use and safeguard your personal information. If you have any questions, please contact us.


    Your money (up to $250,000) is fully insured by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government. Your IRA funds are separately insured up to $250,000. The NCUA is a federally insured deposit agency – keeping your money safe at the credit union.